Rent, Buy, Live

Home sweet home. The basis for well being for almost everyone is having an “own home”, as a retreat from everyday life, be it a rented or self-owned flat or even a house.

Yet the path is littered with legal stumbling blocks. Not only when buying real estate or in construction, obvious or hidden defects may appear, but also in rented flats, defects or inadequacies may later surface, that often lead to lengthy litigation between the parties. Advice and assistance is also called for, when dealing with construction or when buying real estate and in drafting lease agreements.

Our experienced real estate expert team will gladly help you in all questions pertaining to renting, buying and living. They not only support you in contract matters, defect claims and warranty issues, but advise you in cooperation with our banking and capital markets specialists and tax advisors, on issues relating to financing of objects and their tax assessment and management.