Credits, Investments, Banking

Banking and financial transactions seem complicated and opaque to many people. The banking and financial crisis and questionable investments and funds businesses have undermined customer confidence in the banking system and their advisors.

However, the banking and credit business is and remains, an irreplaceable part of our daily lives, whether in the form of consumer credit, the purchase of a home or investment and savings decisions. Therefore, good advice for loans, investments, and banking in general is of great importance.

Whether it’s about the termination of a loan, losses on investments, stocks or funds transactions, faulty investment advice or inadequate risk disclosure, rate adjustments disputes or misuse of your debit card or credit card: With their many years of experience, our banking and capital markets experts will be at your side to advise you, and if necessary, ensure your rights in court.

We have all the up-to-date information about new regulations, such as the current account contract law, also concerning the treatment of debits and credits in insolvency and new terms and conditions of credit institutions.

Should it be necessary, we internally call in our multidisciplinary team of tax counsellors and lawyers specializing in tax law, to help on issues of capital gains tax, land transfer tax and taxes in connection with real estate financing and net wealth.