Mediation is a process for resolving conflicts out of court. In the case of parties disputing diverging interests, it allows for finding an amicable solution without having to resort to the state’s jurisdiction or arbitration.

As a neutral third party, without decision-making authority, the mediator supports the conflicting parties, under their own responsibility, in developing solutions.

Mediation, therefore, is based on the idea of the autonomy of conflicting parties. As opposed to court proceedings, the parties, on principle, put neither procedure nor decision-making authority in the hands of others. The mediator merely supports the parties in their quest for a self-determined and self-dependent solution of the conflict.

Based on the Anglo-American experiences, mediation will increasingly become the alternative to judicial disputes in all levels of economic and social life. The aim of the mediation process is a written mediation agreement that, if necessary, can and should serve as an enforcement base for the parties.

In all matters of economic life, mediation is the way of the future. In family law affairs mediation is also suitable, for example, in settling separation and divorce consequences (parent custody and support law). Mediation is also an efficient procedure in settling inheritance and corporate disputes, in company succession and in all internal business disputes.

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