Inheritance Law

In the course of his/her life, nearly every person is confronted with inheritance matters:

  • You become a member of a community of heirs and can’t reach an agreement with your co-heirs over the management of the estate, nor on the ensuing disputes.
  • You receive notice from probate court that you may be the heir of a relative, and ask yourself if you should accept or decline the inheritance, especially since you don’t know anything about the bequest.
  • You have to deal with an official guardian or an executor.
  • You have been disinherited in a close relative’s will and would like to contest it or claim your compulsory share and possibly compulsory share addenda.
  • Your siblings received considerable gifts from the parents during their lifetime, but not you. Which claims are you entitled to?
  • You nursed a relative and ask yourself, if and under which prerequisites, you can receive financial compensation from the estate.
  • You are named as the heir in a relative’s will, but can’t understand the contents of the will and are at odds with the co-heirs over its interpretation.
  • You would like to protect yourself and unburden your family, sensibly and timely, by taking precautions such as a living will, a general and future protection mandate will, a custody statement, an emergency package, etc.

You might have special problems, such as securing a handicapped child, providing for an insolvent co-heir, etc. If you have similar questions or problems, our inheritance law specialists are at your disposal.

Quite often links to other legal areas arise, such as tax law, general law, labour law and family law. If needed, our experts and specialists from these legal fields are called in to ensure the best counselling and outcome. Beyond the advisory capacity, we also undertake your representation out of court, in civil courts, probate courts and guardianship courts.

In case the estate includes companies or share holdings or the assets surpass the tax exemption limit, it is always recommendable to seek detailed succession advice and counselling on the necessary precautions (living will, general and future protection mandate, emergency arrangements, will or inheritance contract phrasing, adjustment of the articles of association and marriage contracts taking the individual objectives into consideration, such as avoidance of family conflicts, tax optimisation, wealth preservation for future generations, etc.).

In such cases we form teams of experts from different areas of expertise, that together with you, develop the necessary measures to match your individual needs. You'll find further information under "Corporate Succession" heading.

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