Property Transactions and Land Acquisitions

The sustainable and economic success of real estate transactions is dependent upon many factors.

Thus, a thorough analysis and evaluation of the property (due diligence) is as essential as a secure contract, that in negotiations guarantees the consideration of risks and the correct handling of the contractual relationship.

The path to the successful conclusion of all contract types lien, to a large extent, in meticoulous and appropriate contract drafting.

We check and draft all kinds of contracts pertaining to real estate and construction. A few examples - but not exhaustive - are set out below:

  • Construction contracts (i.e. with general contractor, sub-contractor, GMP, JV and bidder consortiums)
  • Architect, engineer and general planning as well as project management contracts
  • Land acquisition contracts
  • Urban development contracts

We assist you in all phases of this project and draw on the experience of the respective specialised counselling and tax partners.

Experience in the areas of corporate, tax, inheritance, rental, leasing and real estate law as well as public construction law are essential in this case. The tax aspects of, for example, land transfer tax and the speculation period for a transaction should not be neglected.

Our team of experts advises you in all legal and tax questions pertaining to real estate transactions and land acquisition.