Franchise Systems

Our retail landscape and the entire fast food sector is dominated by large chain store and franchise systems, at which on the outside little difference is discernible by consumers.

In fact and in law, franchising is a rather young chapter of German legal reality when one considers that the first publications on this subject appeared in the mid to late 60s. In the meanwhile, around 1,000 franchise systems and about 70,000 franchisees are listed in Germany alone.

The basic idea of franchise systems "thought once and multiplied 100-fold" shows the dynamics and growth strategy of franchise systems. By focusing on a work-sharing partnership and continuous optimization of know-how and business processes, franchise systems, as networks and associations, offer many market opportunities and competitive advantages, especially compared to single proprietorships.

The strong interrelation between franchisor and franchisee in such systems demands the clear contractual separation of tasks and responsibilities, as well as an in-depth knowledge of franchise systems including the economic issues. At least as important is professional support and advice on system structure, further expansion and, not least of course, also in legal disputes or in commercial mediation.

Our franchise systems team of experts is at your service with words and deeds in legal and tax matters. For many years well-known franchisors have relied on our support and expertise.

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