Company Valuation

Successful buying and selling.

We support you in reviewing specific projects. Whether you are the buyer or the seller – we will advise and assist you in advance of the valuation process and will be at your side during negotiations. In transparent concepts, we take the tax consequences into consideration, and based on your ideas, our corporate law experts will draft the contract.

Besides assessing the value of the purchase prices of companies and business units, we will also gladly advise you in other assessments, such as:

  • Assessment upon ownership changes
  • Impairment appraisal of non-cash contributions
  • Determination of the arbitration value
  • Assessment of companies for inheritance tax and gift tax purposes
  • Valuation of intangible assets
  • Valuation of equity holdings in the framework of accounting treatment pursuant to HGB (German Commercial Code) and IFRS

We carry out the assessment based on accepted principles of modern evaluation methods (IDW S1 [Tax Auditors Institute in Germany]/ DCF) taking the simplyfing multiplier method into account considering, within reason, the extent of our mandate for the specific evaluation.